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Why study in Australia?

In some way or another, we all aspire to dream bigger dreams. And for students, that could very well translate into studying in an university abroad that broadens your horizons further for the future.

Leaving your comfort zone to study abroad is a big step. It is one thing to leave your family and friends behind for a university waiting for you, and quite another to decide where to study. While being a student in Australia may be challenging, but the benefits of education and personal growth are also significant.

As far as educational opportunities are concerned, Australia has always been unmatched. The breath-taking scenery, vibrant and diverse cities, kangaroos, quokkas and beauty galore. Are those the things that come to your mind when you think about Australia? It's obvious, but Australia offers so much more than just pretty views.

With its friendly people, relaxed culture, great education system, and good standard of living, this fascinating country offers a wide range of opportunities for international students. Australia, which is known for its leading universities, is becoming a popular destination for students, bringing students from around the world each year.

Irrespective of your course, you can count on unparalleled academic brilliance and an exceptional support system throughout. In fact, the country provides reasonable academic activities, scholarships, easy visa procedures, and a truly diverse setting to ensure that every student's academic experience is worth travelling miles away from home!

Now, to say the least, the perks are limitless, but here are the few perks that would draw you towards your dream a bit more:

1) Climate conditions, vibrant city and great outdoors

First things first, Australia is known for its diversified landscape, huge plains, and exotic wildlife.

With its authentic infrastructure, high-quality healthcare facilities, a robust network of advanced technological services, and reasonably priced accommodation, Australia's overall standard of living is worth relying on.

Plus, if you are a beach person, there's nothing better than this. The country offers a diverse range of beaches and gorgeous coastlines to pick from!

Even though Australian institutions are spread over both rural and metropolitan areas, you will be able to travel to the nearby cities with literally no hassle. Each city offers a variety of unique experiences, from breath-taking views to irresistible boutiques you cannot pull yourself out from.

Australia also features some of the world's most diversified wildlife. If you're studying in the countryside, you could get a chance to see some in the wild. Although if you don't, there are many wildlife parks where you can go and enjoy the animals the country is known for - kangaroos, koalas, and the like.

Given the excellent quality of life in its major cities, Australia tends to become the home for many students from all across the world to pursue higher education. You may have just thought about the beautiful beaches, but Australia is literally a place with so much more to offer, from lush green forests to desert areas.

In fact, it is home to numerous World Heritage sites, including Great Barrier Reef and Kakadu National Park. Seems like you have an itinerary for all your vacations already!

2) Cultural diversity but easy communication

Known for its distinctive mix of cultures, Australia helps you break out of your comfort zone and makes you want to try new things and gives you a sense of belonging even in a multicultural society. Authentic yet wide cuisine options, holiday destinations, and the opportunity to learn a new language are just few of the advantages of living in a diverse environment.

Thus, studying alongside students from all over the world isn't really a bad idea after all, especially when you'll have all the conveniences of home, from some mouth-watering delicacies to art hubs.

Wonder what the best part is? Because Australia is a culturally rich country, no language barrier exists. Most international students will find it easy to comprehend and be understood because Australians speak English.

In Australia, there are approximately 200 languages and dialects spoken. On the other hand, the Australian slang may take a little longer to grasp!

3) Students visas and scholarships

International students can easily choose the university and field suited for them in Australia because of the diverse range of courses available for everybody. When choosing a degree programme, international students must first decide which institution best suits their interests and goals.

Universities, vocational courses, and English language courses are all options for students. In fact, you can easily change from one level of qualification to another and from one institution to another if required.

A student visa is never an issue in Australia. Why? Because it has a quick and easy application process for any student visa. You must meet a number of standards in order for your application to be granted, including admission into your desired university and financial ability.

But, at the end of the day, obtaining a student visa for Australia is quite simple! Furthermore, several Australian universities may provide students with jobs or work opportunities.

Isn't it preferable if you get everything at a reasonable price? Because, in Australia, you can considerably reduce your tuition fees in Australia by qualifying for a variety of grants and scholarships.

This ensures that even students from low-income families can benefit from a world-class university without worrying about expenses. While most scholarships for international students pay for education, students enrolled in research projects may well be eligible for living expenditures reimbursement.

The most significant factor is usually a solid academic performance, but extracurricular activities and volunteer programmes can also be helpful for a better future.

4) Student tax returns

As an international student, the right to work in Australia comes with the responsibility of paying taxes. It is mandatory to pay tax on your income in Australia. But there is a way through it!

Being an international student, you are eligible for a tax refund at the end of the year. And part-time students in Australia pay approximately 15.5 per cent of their income as tax. Of course, this benefit depends on certain circumstances.

Another significant advantage is that Australia offers essential healthcare insurance for overseas students, covering the cost of health care and hospital treatment you may require during your stay.

Before you consider all of the positives of pursuing higher education in Australia, you must first determine what you want to study in Australia. That's where Lotus Migration and Education Consultants come in! As a leading education firm, we encourage and advise students in enrolling in courses at universities and colleges here.

Not only do have we provide professional services, but we are here to support your study in Australia by helping you obtain scholarships to study in Australia too.

One step closer to a brighter future!

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