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Carrer Guidance

Lotus Migration is Australia's leading, education consultancy, with offices in Sri Lanka and India. Our consultancy employs highly experienced MARA registered migration agents and consultants who provide effective guidance to students interested in studying in countries such as Australia. 

Our skilled professionals assist international students in a variety of ways, from selecting the best course to the best education provider and visa application process to the journey to Australia and helping you with ways to secure a job after graduation. 

We work with a number of reputable colleges and universities in Australia and have successfully placed over 1500 students in institutions globally. 


How Do We Work? 

We start by understanding your Personal Educational Goals. Our education consultants begin with a counselling session in person or over the phone to identify your skills, educational background, and personal desires and interests. Aside from that, you will be asked about your preferred country and the amount of money you are willing to spend on your overseas education. 

In order to determine the best option for you, we will ask you a few general questions, including why you would like to come to Australia, your English proficiency, and so on. Contact one of our experts to assist you with the process. 


Why Choose Lotus Migration For Your Career Guidance? 

Lotus exclusive online learning platform, connects you with knowledgeable teachers with years of test preparation experience. Our test preparations include online classes, regular mock tests, comprehensive study material, personalised preparation strategies, and exclusive doubt clarification. With a diverse collection of colleges and universities in various countries, we assist our students with everything from choosing the best courses to applying for a student visa. We help students obtain specialised English language training in areas such as IELTS, PTE, and spoken English. We also provide internships in their fields of study to help them gain employment in Australia. We counsel students to help them make the right decision to achieve their educational goals at the right time.  

Eligibility Assessment 

One of our visa consultants will conduct a visa assessment session to assist you in preparing your visa file. These will include five different levels of immigration risk, with 5 being the highest and 1 being the lowest. If the applicant receives a higher assessment level, they will be required to provide more evidence to support their application and be granted a visa. 

Our agents will guide you throughout the process and make sure you successfully obtain your visa for Australia on time. 


Assessment Of Study Options 

Following your visa assessment and understanding of your objectives, our migration agents will assist you with the following: 

  • Choose courses based on your primary interests. 

  • Determine which universities or colleges offer those career paths. 

  • Based on your entry requirements, they will advise you to enrol in a degree programme or a vocational course in Australia. 



Assistance With GTE Criteria 

The genuine temporary entrant requirement (GTE) is required to obtain a student visa. An integrity measure ensures that the student visa programme is used as intended and not as a way for international students to maintain permanent residency in Australia, according to Australia's immigration. 

Lotus Migration Consultants will assist you in preparing the statement to meet the GTE requirements. It is strongly advised that you follow all the student visa rules and obligations outlined in your visa conditions. 

Guidance You Through The Statement Of Purpose 

When applying for an Australian student visa, you must submit a statement of purpose. It is a thesis that a student must submit to the institution with important details to prove to the reviewing committee that they intend to enter the country only to study and not to stay permanently. To satisfy the genuine temporary entrant criteria, your statement of purpose must include the following: 

  • Your Background 

  • Your Qualification 

  • Your Professional Experience 

  • Your interest in the chosen field, course and intuition 

  • Your skills 

  • Your ultimate benefits and Life Goals  

A well-written SOP of a Genuine temporary entrant is vital to obtaining admission and a student visa because it is the only personalised aspect of your application and allows you to demonstrate your uniqueness, among other things. An effective SOP will significantly impact whether or not the visa will be issued to you, as it significantly contributes to your selection and admission process. 

Now that you understand how critical it is to present an effective SOP of a Genuine temporary entrant, our education specialists will walk you through the fundamentals of writing a powerful and successful SOP. They will assess your case and assist you in reaching your goal because they have a wealth of experience dealing with numerous winning SOPs. Our agents will provide you with a comprehensive checklist and assist you in preparing a compelling statement of purpose for GTE. 


Registration For The Course 

When everything is clear to you, and you've made your decision, you'll be guided through the application process, including all the documents needed to enrol in the institution. 

We will walk you through the entire visa and application process, including certified copies of academic transcripts, diplomas/certificates, etc.  Our agent will file your student visa application and process it for approval once we have gathered all the necessary information. 

Let's Work Together

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