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COVID-19 Support for International Students

With COVID-19 significantly impacting every aspect of people’s life, the new normal was no different for people sitting miles away from their families. 

It is no surprise that surviving and studying during the pandemic might be confusing and frustrating at times. However, if you look around, you will realise everything is for your benefit in terms of well-being and safety.

Testing resources for COVID-19

To start with, if you experience or speculate any symptoms of coronavirus, that's your sign to get tested and isolate yourself as soon as possible. Getting tested for COVID-19 is absolutely free. All you must do is find the nearest testing facility that offers polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests or rapid antigen test (RAT) kits. And if you test positive, you must notify the Department of Health by filling out a form or calling a hotline number.

Going through the entire procedure can be stressful, especially when you are miles away from your loved ones; however, your safety is a priority!

Free support for your well-being

Although the educational institutions take significant steps to assist each student with hardship funding and welfare assistance when needed, you can get assistance if you struggle to meet your living expenses. In fact, seeking support for your health and safety will have no impact on your enrolment or visa. All of the support services are just a step closer to being your light at the end of the tunnel!

Furthermore, the emotional support provided by your loved ones would be unmatched. During this time, you must maintain contact with family and friends via phone, text, or social platforms. You could also request guidance from your educational institution or an international student health care provider at any point.

Now, how do you cope with the isolation, loneliness and constant change?

Not just talking to your loved ones over the phone or on social media is a great idea to keep yourselves sane; you get the assurance of walking through the hard times without giving up. Also, it's never too late to join groups and make new friends. After all, comfort is what you are seeking. 

Gentle Reminder: A virtual date is still a thing. You may not go out and be with a person, but you can always pick a person and feel their presence through a screen.

Australian Immunisation Register

The Australian Immunisation Register (AIR), a national registry that records vaccinations provided to Australians of all ages, including school vaccination programmes, is also used to find out which vaccinations the patients have received and determine if anyone is due for any vaccinations.

For well-being and utmost accuracy, it is essential to document the vaccines provided and keep them updated. It is beneficial for Australia foreign students too

  • Families can get timely child care and Family Tax Benefit (FTB) payments.

  • You can either enrol for further education or start a new job on time.

  • The AIR can help with public health management and vaccine-preventable disease research.

Thus, your role in providing accurate details and following the procedure during a crisis stands out to be crucial. 

Support resources for International Students

For the required financial support, you may be studying or working now but can benefit when you need to isolate yourself or care for someone ill. This benefit is even available if you are forced to remain in lockdown for more than seven days due to a public health order.  

The Government has increased working arrangements for international students Australia. 

As a result, if you are an international student working for healthcare, disability, or aged care organizations, the Australian Government has made specific working arrangements. You may also check with your local embassy to determine whether assistance is available.

Overall, Australia's states and territories play an important role in assisting Australianinternational students experiencing challenges.

It's not very often that you wake up to find yourself living amidst a pandemic. Sure, it can overwhelm you while trying to find the perfect balance between your life, staying safe, and not letting your mental health get affected. While you seem to hustle in the brief pause, it can get more difficult if you are constantly surrounded by people who are getting infected or could not return home due to travel restrictions. 

After all, the only way to survive a pandemic is to fight through it. And it is OKAY to seek help even for the slightest concern. It's only during the times of crisis that people in a distant land come together to be your saviour.  International students can take advantage of several services and resources. These include resources in various languages that have a tailored approach to support them.

The multi-cultural nature of Australia makes it stand out as a safe and welcoming place. Whether you are already studying in Australia, you are one of the international students returning to Australia, or you will be studying with us in the future, the Australian Government and our educational institutions will always support you. 

Our primary focus at Lotus Migration and Education Consultants is value and guidance for all students seeking international education, and with the motto 'Global education made EASY', we strive to provide a unique level of support for all our students. 


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