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Our Services.

Our experienced and friendly counsellors provide professional and personal guidance with every aspect of international education to secure admission to the college or university of your choice, which is best suited for your qualifications, by thoroughly assessing each case.

Our experience in dealing with international students will ensure that you make the right decision, and we will keep you updated with the process until the decision is made.

We are the one-stop destination for all kinds of education and migration needs. We provide our students with counselling, admission in a course to visa assistance and much more. Check out all our services below.

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Visa Support

We assist you through your visa application process, advise you on the relevant documentation and evidence that needs to be submitted to ensure that your application is processed correctly and on time.

Career Guidance

Our consultants advise students on their international educational options based on their qualification and career interests. We ensure that the advise we give you is based on what is possible and we will continue to keep your interest in mind before we provide you with any recommendation.

Migration Counselling

Our consultants will give you all the information to ensure you have a smooth move overseas from your home country. They will guide you throughout your educational journey with their extensive knowledge gained.


We know that scholarship is a big incentive when trying to meet your expenses, living away from your home and family, and more. We try and help you gain some scholarship based on your experience and it differs based on the course level and the course provider.


6/162 Burswood Road,
Burswood, Western Australia - 6100


38, 3 Lewis Pl, Negombo, Sri Lanka


22, Ejipura Main Road, Near  Ejipura Signal, Ejipura, Bangalore 560047

Australia: +61 0452 635 115
Sri Lanka: +94 71 522 9231 

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